Who Is Cider Monger?

Alex The ‘Cider Monger’ describes himself as a cider-evangelist and is one of the leading voices for Craft Cider in the Pacific Northwest. Recognized for his successful cider blog, he’s also been printed in Sip Magazine and is a regular contributor to BC Craft Beer News. In addition to writing, Alex is known for sensory evaluation which was certified by the National Association of Cider Makers in England and has judged in commercial cider competitions such as the inaugural Portland International Cider Cup. As a former student of England’s Peter Mitchell and graduate of Northwest Agriculture Business Centre’s ‘Cider & Perry Production Course’, he is also an avid home cider maker. In Spring of 2014, he plans to take his knowledge from WSU’s Cider and Perry Orcharding Class and plant a few cider apples in his back yard.

Cider Monger

My name is Alex and I love cider! I read, learn, tweet, talk, drink and review cider. I’m a self admitted cider-nerd and enthusiast.

My cider journey started years ago after making some at home. The cider I made tasted nothing like the stuff I was used to drinking out of the can. It was dry and tasted like an apple wine not like the sweet cider-pop I was accustomed to. 20 gallons later I finally found a recipe that I was happy with, but when I went back to compare it to the mass-produced stuff I was drinking I realized that I now liked mine better. There was something honest and different about what what I was making…I was hooked on Real Cider! I started to try out different ciders and discovered that I didn’t know much. There was so much to learn…and so much to unlearn.

After my awakening I searched the internet looking for some sort of resource for what cider was good and where to find it locally. I knew I loved the taste, but found my options and information extremely limited. There were some resources, but they were focused on the booming US cider explosion or based in Europe & Australia. Finally, after years of watching the cider revolution continue to grow exponentially, I decided in early 2013 that there needed to be another voice in the cider community. A Canadian voice, hence Cider Monger. The objective of this blog is to help bridge the gap that was missing when I was on my quest for knowledge. A place to review, discuss and bring attention to the drink I love! Cider.

Although my focus is on Canadian cider, it would be silly  for me not to review or mention the amazing ciders of the Pacific North West or from around the world. I’m lucky to live in the middle of a growing craft cider revolution. We have a long history of fruit growing in the region and are fortunate to have great terroir for cider. In 2 1/2 hours I can be in Seattle and 4 1/2 hours in Portland. Both are quickly becoming cider-meccas in their own right. That being said, I will always jump on the opportunity to review/drink a cider from England, France, Spain, Michigan, South Africa, New England, ect. The more the merrier!


Where do you get your cider? I search them out. When I travel, the first thing I do is look for a craft beer or wine shop. I’m always on a hunt for a good cider. I post on my reviews where I got mine and where you can find yours.

Where you at? I live in Vancouver, Canada. I also spend lots of time south of the border in the Pacific NW as well as traveling across North America for business.

What you do? I work in sales & marketing for the head office of a large multinational company. I do not work or have any affiliation with any cider company, distributor or beverage marketer. My opinions are my own. C/S

Who are you to say? I am first and foremost an enthusiast. I have drank A LOT of cider over the years both store bought and home made. My opinion may not be the same as yours and that’s okay. As long as you are drinking cider and reading my post then the master plan is working…My posts are meant to be objective and provoke interest and intrigue. Disagree with what I said? tell me why! I’d love to hear your opinion.

Why do you do it? I love cider, this is my passion.

How do you review cider? I have a format that I follow for all my reviews; I start with looking and describing the cider’s colour and appearance, then smell, and finally taste. After I have my description done I start to think about where I would rank this comparative to what it’s style is and against other ciders I’ve had in the past. I always chill the cider to the proper temperature (room temp for dry cider, and colder the sweeter the cider is) and use a good wine glass to help draw more flavour. It’s not particularly a ‘cool’ way to drink cider, but I don’t want to miss anything. After I get my review done, then its time to drink cool.

Want more info? Here’s some of the best resources out there:

North American Resources

Canadian Resources/Reviews

Missed ya? Let me know and I’ll add you to my resource list!

More questions, suggestions, recommendations? Hit me up: alex AT cidermonger.com

Full Disclosure: I do not work for any cider company, distributor or beverage industry. My opinions are my own. C/S All Rights Are Reserved

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    • I hear ya! It’s tricky business trying to work a full time job when there’s so much great liquor to be had…Thanks for the follow liquorstore bear! Congrats on your Gin win!! I guess sometimes they do listen to the ‘people’ or bears in this case!

    • Thanks for the compliment! It’s always nice to hear from a fellow fan of great REAL cider! Please stop by regularly. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my posts or your comparisons to what I’ve reviewed.



  1. Alex, I really like your site. One key problem I have with the cider scene in the city of Vancouver is getting my hands on it. Where do you recommend to buy cider in Vancouver? Where are the bars that have a good selection in the city. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the comment and the compliment. It’s in a bit of neglect I’m afraid…But thanks anyways.

      It’s aways a struggle finding good cider in this city! Some of the better pubs are; August Jack, St. Augustines and Alibi Room to name a few of my favourites. As far as a place to buy cider; Legacy Liquor Store, 16th Street, and Brewery Creek are all good places to start.

      Best of luck on your search. Feel free to drop me a line anytime.



  2. Hi
    I’m back in Southern Ontario in search of a wonderful non-alcoholic peach cider that used to be sold in gallon jugs at the Kitchener Market about 25 years ago. I haven’t enjoyed anything quite like it since. Any idea who would have made such a thing? Seriously, just like apple cider only 100% peaches. If no idea, how can I make my own?

    • Hi Ters,

      I’m afraid what you are looking for is carbonated peach juice which is not in my wheelhouse. The cider I speak of on this site is the hard kind….

      If you are interested in how I’d go about making carbonated peach juice, please email me and I’ll point you in the right direction.



      alex AT cidermonger.com

  3. We are a brand new Cidery opening up in Osoyoos, British Columbia under the name of Faustino Estate Cidery. We are getting ready to bottle our first batch at the end of March. The cider is made from dessert apples grown on our property rather than traditional cider apples. Come check us out at 14014 – 97th street Osoyoos, B.C. V0H 1V2. There is also a Cidery in Cawston, B.C. that opened last year called Fairview Cider that you might want to check out as well.

    Anna Relvas
    Faustino Estate Cidery
    (250) 495-7035

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