Support Breast Cancer Research & Drink Cider!

What could be better right? Donate money to a great cause such as the CIBC Run for the Cure while drinking some of the finest cider that has ever been made!

Most of us know someone who has been affected by Cancer. The stats are, 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed by breast cancer. In 07′ my mom was diagnosed. A year later, my mother inlaw was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. Both are survivors and part of the reason is due to the research that has been done to date. For me, it was one of the hardest years in my life and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Before I shut down this blog, I’d like to try and do something to help which is why I will be donating (3) of my favourite and rarest ciders so long as you donate to CIBC Run for the Cure. I don’t care if you donate $1.00 or $1000.00 – every bit will help. In exchange for your gracious donation I will enter you in a draw for (3) bottles of my very favourite cider from my own cellar. I’ll include a hand written note of gratitude and shout out on my blog and social media as a thank you as well.

So what (3) ciders can you win?

Cider #1 Farnum Hill Extra Dry – A favorite amongst craft cider junkies, this is a very dry cider made by arguably the best cidery in North America. Steve Wood. If you haven’t heard his name, you need to do a little search. He is the teacher and we are all his students. A little rough around the edges with a slight bitterness while matched with equal sophistication. No, I’m not talking about Steve…This cider stands out an easy favourite of mine and so does he for the record!

Cider #2 Whitewood Northland Traditional – This bottle was given to me from my good friend Dave White, the White in Whitewood. For me, there is no better example of a PNW cider or a cider maker keeping it real than this. No compromise, all heart, no short cuts. This cider is tops in my books not only because of how much respect I have for the people making it, but also for how damn good it is! In my opinion this is the bench mark on how other cideries should approach cider.  It pains me to part ways with this bottle as it was one of the first to come out of Whitewood and I have been saving it of a special occasion. Alas, all for a good cause!

Cider #3 EZ Orchards 09′  – This is the very last bottle in my collection and is one of the finest and rarest ciders you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. It is done in the traditional french style and is featured in The World’s Best Cider by Pete Brown & Bill Bradshaw. What did they have to say about it; “Based on the Normandy style cider, this arguably surpasses its influences. Great fruit on the noes persists throughout with hints of jellied fruit, spiciness, and earthiness, balance by clean tannins, lifted by perfect soft carbonation, and rounded off by great acidity which makes it very addictive. One of the best ciders in the United States – or anywhere else.” That was the 10′ they had. It is my opinion – and I’m not alone – that the 09′ is that much better. Honestly, it’s well known as being one of the very best ciders that North America has ever given up from it’s soil

Well, I’ve just committed to give away my top 3 ciders currently in my cellar so how do you donate to win them?

Step 1 – make a donation here for Christina Fortin under Team TBF.

Step 2 – send me an email (Alex AT  with the name and amount (I don’t care how small) so I can verify you donated and enter to into the draw. If you wish to donate anonymously. No problem either. Just pick an amount that will different than anyone else for example $20.93 so I know it’s you.

Step 3 – collect your cider! Once I contact to let you know you’ve won, provide me your address and i’ll ship it to you asap and for free obviously.

It goes without saying- this is only open to person of legal drinking age in their home state/province. Don’t burn me please.

A winner will be contact on October 5th – the day after the run. Good luck!

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