The time has come…

Well my friends…

If you couldn’t tell from the last post in November 2014, there isn’t much time for cider writing these days. Not to say there isn’t tons of great stuff going on in the industry – there surely is – however, as cider has exploded in popularity so has my lack of time to this blog. It pains me to write this but, I will no longer be making new posts. As a matter of fact, I’ll be shutting down the blog when the lease with WordPress is up in January.

When I started back at the end of 2012, I truly had no idea anyone would ever read it. It was really just a way for me to collect my thoughts on what I was tasting and experiencing as I explored cider. It was on the shoulders of other great cider blogs that inspired me to start cidermonger; Westcider, oldtimecider, allaboutcider, theciderblog. These blogs inspired me to be – as Rev Nat puts it – an evangelist for cider.

Never did I think that I would have the opportunity to judge cider awards or be printed in books and magazines, be on TV, or Radio, or travel to Spain to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Asturias & Basque (something I’ll always remember and cherish). Never did I think that I would get to meet and make friends around the world with some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. My friends, you know who you are!

As the popularity of this blog exploded (at the time of this post there has been 123,000 views and 55,000 visitors) my guilt of not being able to respond to all the requests/emails/messages has increased. If I haven’t responded to you, I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to or think I’m too important. It’s that I have other commitments such as job/wife/dogs/friends etc. that pull me in many directions. The biggest direction being first my family and secondly my job that pays for this website (and my mortgage!). I never wanted to make money off – believe me the opportunities have been there. It has always been a mission and passion to educate and bring more awareness to cider. I’m happy to report that it looks like things are going in the right direction in Canada with more cideries opening every day and BC Cider Week around the corner in October. I’m not going to break out the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on the Aircraft Carrier yet, but we are finally making headway in the right direction.

This isn’t the end…I’m still making cider at home, I’m still going to cider events, I’ll still judge cider, I’m still on twitter….but the blog….the time has come.

To all of the readers and followers; Thank you! Your comments, words, encouragement, friendship, and emails inspired me to go this far.



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