Tideview Cider – Heritage Semi Dry


Tideview Heritage Semi Dry

ABV 8%

From the website: “Our HERITAGE SEMI DRY is lightly sparkling and perfect for a warm summer evening. A delicious blend of apples including such exotics as Baldwin and Cox Orange Pippin, it offers a touch of sweetness that draws out the fresh fruit flavours. Perfect with scallops and lobster. Serve cool, not cold.”

  • Appearance: Clear, Straw
  • Aroma: Fresh Apple, Strawberry, Spirituous
  • Taste: Fresh Apple, Fresh Fruit, Tannic, Lemon

Tideview Cider's View

Background: Necessity is the mother of invention. That is certainly true in the case of Tideview Cider. After looking and not finding a cider to his taste, John Brett owner of Tideview Cider realized that he was going to have to make it himself. He did what so many great cider-makers have done and went to the Peter Mitchell course on cider making. Once back home in Nova Scotia, John partnered up with Orchardist Andrew Bishop, owner of Noggins Corner Farm in Wolfville. The farm is part of an original land grant to the Bishop family in 1760. The Bishop’s have been cultivating on the property since the land grant, making Noggins Corner Farm probably one of the oldest Cider Orchards in North America. Tideview’s first commercial fermentation was in 2005 with 1500 liters and has slowly and steadily grown to 12 000 liters with their blend of tannic crab apples and heritage apples such as; Ribston Pippin, Cox Orange Pippin, Baldwin and Northern Spy to name a few.

First Taste is: Really good! This Annapolis Valley cider pours a vigorous mousse that quickly subsides with micro bubbles throughout. It’s a clear straw coloured cider with a nose that is a really gorgeous bouquet of fresh fruit such as strawberry and pineapple with the balance of tart fresh apple. As far as taste goes, it has a moderately sweet upfront with a slightly astringent finish with rich culinary apple after-taste. The acids are balanced with a slight bitterness that was also very balanced. Balanced…that is the best way to explain this cider!

What’s in it? Apples, Sulfites. Nothing weird mentioned. 

Tideview Orchard

Overall: Really great quality cider from Nova Scotia. There was a nice luscious astringency balanced by notes of fresh fruit including lemon with balanced acidity. It’s no surprise that Tideview has won many awards at GLINTCAP. This cider has a certain sophistication that is really unparalleled to anything I’ve had before from Eastern Canada. I would make this a regular to your cider cellar if you are lucky enough to get access to it. I know I’ll be trying to figure out a way to smuggle more into BC!

Would I buy it again? Yes!

Where to get it? This cider was picked up the Nova Scotia Liquor Store in Halifax, but a full list of retailers can be found here.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

X-factor: I’m a believer in street-cred. 250 years of apple growing tradition is plenty of credibility in my books!

Full Disclosure: I was sent a couple bottles to review, unfortunately this was the only bottle to make it from Nova Scotia. Based on the quality of this cider, I can imagine there’s lots more to be enjoyed by Tideview. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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  2. The cider course has been full since January for both weeks! The Cornell one would be good because it’s a little closer to your neck of the woods and is taught by Peter Mitchell as well. Thanks for the comments as always!

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