Molson Canadian Cider


Molson Canadian Cider

ABV 5.0%

From the website: “Made with apples that are 100% Canadian grown, our new cider has the same great quality we’re known for, but with a crisp taste that quenches your thirst for something different.”

  • Appearance: Clear, Golden
  • Aroma: Culinary Apple
  • Taste: Culinary Apple, Watery

Background: It’s Molson Canadian. They made a cider.

Molson Canadian Cider

First Taste is: Bland. This  cider pours a gentle carbonation with a steady stream of micro bubbles working their way to the surface with a 1/4″ of mousse that remains to the last drop. The nose is all culinary apple with a slight note of alcohol. This sweet cider tastes very neutral/bland with culinary apple being the dominant flavour. There is no tannins or acids to speak of and generally it tastes a little watery.

What’s in it? Made WITH 100% Canadian Apples. Label wording can be tricky legal business. I’m not sure if Molson means WITH 100% Canadian Apples (as in, the juice might of touched a Canadian Apple at some point) or FROM 100% Canadian Apples. There’s a big difference. Molson Coors is too large of a company for me to suggest that they are doing anything immoral by saying WITH rather than FROM so I’ll just leave it at that…no other ingredients listed. Contains Sulphites.

Molson Canadian Cider

Overall:  This cider reminds of the type of thing developed by focus group of people that don’t drink cider, but might one day. I think if you asked most cider aficionados, they would agree that the taste of Molson Canadian Cider is the type of thing that would sell fairly well in this current market; it’s a neutral, easy drinking, non-offensive, unchallenging, generic cider. Sounds a lot like Molson Canadian Beer doesn’t it? And perhaps that’s the  Molson game plan; To make the Molson Canadian of the Cider world. My question is, with marketshare slipping to craft beer, why not put something out there that challenges the marketplace instead of going for a quick cash grab? Regardless of the reason, credit to Molson for recognizing a growing cider market and taking a risk on the first non-beer product since the company was founded in 1786. That being said, this cider isn’t to my taste at all.

Would I buy it again? No. With so many other local options, I doubt that I would pick this one up again.

Where to get it? Ontario & Nova Scotia Liquor Stores are the only provinces to carry Molson Canadian Cider right now.

Rating: 4 out of 10

X-factor: Molson Canadian Cider is GREAT at picking up fruit flies. I had to wave them off like crazy while doing this review. Seriously.

Full Disclosure: I opted not to pour this cider over ice as is suggested as I wanted to pick up every last flavour…and I needed it!

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    • Hahaha…Glad it made you smile.

      No i’ve never scored a 4 before. Normally I wouldn’t even review a cider I score a 4, out of respect of the company that produces it. However, it’s hard to write about Canadian Cider and not review one of the biggest things to enter our market since Strongbow. That being said, it’s not a horrible cider. It’s just got no character or flavour which makes it hard to score well.

    • Thanks for praise!

      I’m not sure how ‘brave’ it is of me, but thank you. Molson Canadian Cider is a big deal for cider in Canada and I would be doing an injustice to my readers by not reviewing it.

    • Totally…

      Strongbow started to do the same thing in their 8 packs sold in Canada. Their 4 packs are still 500ml though.

      More profit = happy stakeholders.

  1. Hi, just wondering if you know whereabouts they are producing this cider? My wife is a major fan of ciders from Quebec, but I get the feeling this one is being made nearer to home (Toronto) than that.

  2. I agree, it is a little watery. But it is easy to drink a lot of without it getting cloying.
    Would I rate it high? No. I think your rating is fair in comparison to other ciders. As for taste? It is the training wheels for people just being introduced to cider. (ie my baseball team)
    Yes, I do buy it just for ease when drinking with the team. Left to my own devices, however, I lean towards the better ciders like Spirit Tree and such.

    • It’s tough to find a good everyday camping/baseball/hockey cider in the can…I think I have an idea for my next article!

      I definitely wasn’t impressed with this offering from Molson, but as far as the execution goes, it’s a clean fermented, easy drinking cider. It’s much better than other ‘ciders’ out there if you are making the transition from ‘apple-cherry-lime’ ciders out there.



  3. Do you know if you can find this cider in the US? I’d really love to buy some of it, but I couldn’t drive all the way to Canada just for some cider.

  4. It’s also in Saskatchewan. Picked up. 4- pack today after trying cider for the first time Yesterday (a Strongbow). My son just got back from the UK and insisted I try it while we were out for dinner. I think I’ve now stumbled upon a new favourite beverage!

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