L’Acadie Vineyards – Organic Cider


L'Acadie Vineyards Organic Cider

ABV 9.2%

From the website: “Traditional champagne methods of natural fermentation in its bottle to produce fine bubbles. Certified organic apples from the famous Annapolis Valley – Golden Russett, Northern Spy, Jonagold and Cox Orange Pippin with an iced cider dosage to balance natural acidity.”

  • Appearance: Bright, Golden
  • Aroma: Caramel, Vanilla, Apple
  • Taste: Off-Dry, Apple, Tannic, Creamy

Background: Born out of wine-making tradition, L’Acaide Organic Cider has all the earmarks of something special; traditional methods, organic apples, and the perfect terrior. L’Acadie started in 2004 when winemaker Bruce Ewert moved his family across the country after a very  successful career making award-winning sparkling wine in BC. L’Acadie is certified Organic and all the apples are grown in the Annapolis Valley. This area has a rich history. It was settled in the early 1600’s by English & French colonists who brought with them their cider-making traditions.  Much of this has survived through prohibition and multiple wars for the fertile land.

First Taste is: Fantastic! This Methode Traditionelle cider pours a vigorous effervescence and mousse similar to a champagne. After things have settled a bit, a 1/8″ ring of mousse remains around the glass with micro bubbles flowing to the surface in an organized but steady stream. This bright golden cider starts with a rich upfront wine notes and moves to a fresh and crisp acidic ‘twang’ at the middle. Finally there is a balanced soft creamy tannic finish with a pleasant lingering after-taste of fresh apple.  Overall there is a subtle sweetness that balances out the oak and adds character to the experience.

L'Acadie Vineyards Organic Cider

What’s in it? Organic Apples & Sulfites.

Overall: The mousse isn’t the only thing that this cider has in common with champagne. It also shares being made in the ‘methode traditionelle’ style. This practice is which is also called ‘champagne method’ in France, is a process of bottle conditioning cider then removing the sediment (yeast) through ‘riddling’ and ‘disgorging’. Once the yeast is removed, it is replaced with a small amount of cider with sugar called ‘dosage’ to create the final carbonation. By doing so, you create a cider with natural carbonation, excellent mouthfeel, and creamy texture.

One of the most pleasant things about this cider is the oak notes and creamy mouthfeel. It compliments the fresh culinary apple tones really well. There is excellent balance of the acid, sugars, and tannins in this cider. The Acadian fore-fathers would be proud to see this cider as it balances new world & old world perfectly. New world apple taste with old world wine mastery. Very Nice!

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Where to get it? you can find it here.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

X-factor: I had high expectations for L’Acadie Organic Cider and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m a big fan of traditional cider-making. I must say this is an excellent example of the MT style.

Full Disclosure: I’ve spent a lot of time in the area of where L’Acaide makes their cider and wine. I must say it’s probably one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

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