Spirit Tree – Pub Cider


Spirit Tree - Pub Cider

ABV 6%

From the website: “This distinctly draught cider has a medium, bright gold colour. The nose is apple with hints of spice, leather, and tobacco. The taste is boldly apple and medium sweet, and it offers a long finish with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.”

  • Appearance: Bright, Straw
  • Aroma: Pear, Apple, Sulphur
  • Taste: Semi-Sweet, Honey, Fresh Apple

Background: Spirit Tree is a cidery, bakery, kitchen and farm store in Caledon Ontario. Their property was built environmentally-friendly and with sustainability top of mind. Spirit Tree’s journey in cider making started in the spring of 2005, when they started planting apple trees with an initial block of 2,500 apple trees comprised of 15 different varieties. In 2006, an additional block of 1,200 trees with 8 varieties was added. In 2007, 1000 more trees were planted in conjunction with a visit to Somerset England for Cider Making Principal & Practice by Peter Mitchell. Peter is practically the modern-day Johnny Appleseed of cider-making in North America. He’s helped to provide the practical knowledge to dozens of cider producers all over the World.

First Taste is: REALLY GOOD! This cider pours a 1/8″ mousse that quickly dissipates to very light carbonation with lazy micro-bubbles finding their way to the surface. The nose is fruity with pear and apple being the dominant aromas. There is also a slight sulfuric smell that isn’t overbearing or off-putting. The first taste is semi-sweet with soft rich tones of honey and spice. A naturally semi-sweet upfront, followed by a nice acidic bite at the middle and a subtle winey finish. There is a beautiful refined apple after-taste that is a great compliment to this cider’s character. The mouthfeel is buttery and adds to the overall sophistication.

What’s in it? Apples, Sulfites. Nothing that there shouldn’t be.

Spirit Tree - Pub Cider

Overall: This cider from Spirit Tree is really good. It’s not something I particularly mention offten, but the mouthfeel is spectacular! It’s creamy and marries well with the natural sweetness. Speaking of which, the natural residual sweetness isn’t syrupy or sickly sweet.  It has just the right amount of  sugars left to give it a nice balance with the delectable acidic bite.  If you are lucky enough to have this cider available in your neck of the woods, I would certainly search it out. There’s no surprises that this won a Silver at GLINTCAP. It’s great!

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Where to get it? You can find this cider at Spirit Tree Estate Cidery and at these locations here. Also – I’ve been hearing rumours that Spirit Tree may be selling through the LCBO later this Summer. Which would be awesome for Real Cider Fans in Ontario.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

X-factor: Spirit Tree is the type of place that I visited, I wouldn’t need to leave for days. Good food & good cider tends to keep me planted when I can find both in one spot.

Full Disclosure: I am a little jealous that Spirit Tree isn’t located closer or distributes to BC. This would be an awesome cider to have on tap.

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    • Thank Patrick!

      No, I didn’t pick up any leather or tobacco unfortunately and believe me I was looking for it! Those are two qualities that I enjoy as well.



  1. Thanks for the comments regarding the leather and tobacco notes – these qualities were dominate in our previous vintage and in our aged cider. We’ve updated our tasting notes for this vintage. We appreciate your input and LOVE of real cider!

    • Thanks Virginia! I LOVE the taste of leather in cider and just about blew a taste bud looking for it in this cider! I’d love to hear more about the aged cider! I’m assuming its barrel aged in American or French Oak?



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