Aspall – Imperial Cider


Aspall Imperial Cider

ABV 8.2%

From the website: A wonderful vintage cyder based on the award winning recipe that has been handed down through the family since the 1920’s. As one of the newest additions to the family, Imperial Cyder is already winning awards and at 8.2% ABV its a cyder to savour for the true connoisseur.

  • Appearance: Golden, Clear
  • Aroma: Light Cidery
  • Taste: Smokey, Bacon, Off-Dry

Background: Aspall Cyder founded in Aspall, Suffolk, England is an Eastern Cider House. A quick bit on English Cider; England has two distinct cider making regions. West Country, which is mostly dominated by traditional cider apples. This produces cider with rich tannins and sharpness. Eastern Cider on the other hand is typically made with desert apples and has a more winey, light, fruit forward tastes. Aspall has been making cider (or as they market in the U.K. cyder) since 1728.

First Taste is: Rich! I really enjoy this filtered, pasteurized cider. It pours a light mousse that quickly subsides to a low effervescence of balanced tannins and acids. It’s a golden cider that starts with nice spicy notes and an acidic middle with beautiful muted tannic finish. There’s  a rich taste that is really very appealing and something I have not experienced in a cider before. There was lingering familiar taste that I couldn’t put my finger on, kind of spicy, kind of sweet and really very enjoyable!

Aspall Imperial Cider

What’s in it? Sulfites and Apples. Not much listed on what’s in it other than that.

Overall: Sometimes it’s really hard to review cider when all you want to do is drink it. This is one of those ciders that I spent less time thinking about what I was enjoying and more time just enjoying. Sometimes you need to stop to enjoy the roses. And sometimes you need to stop to enjoy the roses without trying to explain why you enjoy the smell. I guess that tells you what I think about this cider…

Aspall Imperial Cider

Would I buy it again? Yes without a doubt.

Where to get it? I picked this one up at Full Throttle Bottles for $7.25.

Rating: 8 out of 10

X-factor: This cider sold for $7.25, but after a visit to the Canadian Customs office it ended up costing 70% extra. I wasn’t happy without knowing if the extra customs money was worth it. IT WAS.

Full Disclosure: This is the first of 2 Aspall Cyders I plan to review.

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  1. Rich smoky bacon cidre,this Aspall product is light years ahead of any mega brewers fake cidre that is a nothing more than a fermented sweet corn syrup drain pour made with apple flavoured kool-aid.Germany’s worst apfelwein is better than many so-called cidres.It really sad that the closest most ciders ever get to seeing a real apple is when the swillmeister is eating one while inspecting his latest batch of profit driven swill water.

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