Puddiecombe Cider – Sir Isaac’s Premium Pear Cider


Sir Isaac's Premium Pear Cider

ABV 6.5%

From the website: “Once released from the bottle, Sir Isaac’s fresh pear aroma and distinct pear flavour, will offer your senses the pleasure they have long been waiting for. Its clean, soft, slightly sweet, balanced taste carries through to its sparkling finish. Allowing the patron to relish in what the Orchards of Niagara have to offer.”

  • Appearance: Brilliant, Light Straw – Almost White.
  • Aroma: Pear
  • Taste: fresh pear, slightly winey, apple, tart

Background: Sir Isaac pear cider is named after the famous Canadian war hero Sir Isaac Brock. A quick bit of history; In 1812 Canada and the US were at war. The Canadians supported the British Monarchy and the Americans independence from Britain. Sir Isaac Brock was successful in thwarting an American invasion and captured Detroit.  Later Detroit was recaptured by the Americans and eventually Canada and the US went back to friendly neighbours. However, Brock’s legacy as one of Canada’s greatest war heroes remains.

Two days after Brock’s heroic death on a battle field, a baby born to John and Ann Henry of Beamsville, Ontario was named in his honour, Isaac Brock Henry – the great-great-great grand-father of Sir Isaac pear cider founder, Brock M.A. Puddicombe.

Sir Isaac Brock

First Taste is: Pear-y! This semi-sweet cider pours gentle effervescence with no head. The first taste is slightly winey and there is a nice fresh pear taste throughout. It finishes with slightly bitter apple-esque tones. There isn’t much acidic taste and the tannins are muted. Overall it’s a clean, light tasting cider that has a gentle pear flavour throughout.

What’s in it? Sulphites and Isinglass (clearing agent).

There was cider in this glass at one point...

There was cider in this glass at one point…

Overall: I haven’t had many pear ciders in my time (only 2 including this one), so I’m not sure where to rank this amongst other perry. With that in mind, I will say that I really enjoyed this one. The fresh real pear taste and balanced muted tannins and acids are perfect for those who are just getting into drinking this nectar of the gods. Because of it’s clean flavour it would be ideal for those days out at the lake in the summer. If you are expecting a sickly sweet, super-carbonated, jolly-rancher-pear-cider then you might be in for a shock as the flavours of Sir Isaac’s are natural and more subtle than the other ‘ciders’ out there.

Would I buy it again? Wish I could…This one is only in Ontario.

Where to get it? In Ontario at the LCBO only. 

Rating: 8 out of 10

X-factor: Canadian Icon? Canadian Pear Cider? What’s not to like right?

Full Disclosure: The only other perry I’ve ever had before was William’s Sir Perry and it wasn’t memorable. I enjoyed this cider much more.

8 responses to “Puddiecombe Cider – Sir Isaac’s Premium Pear Cider

  1. I enjoyed this one as well. It won a silver medal at GLINTCAP 2012. I walked away with a bottle as a door prize after the judging. Interesting that they use isinglass for fining…US producers don’t have to declare things like that on the label, much to the chagrin of vegans!

  2. As much as I enjoyed this cider, I didn’t enjoy reading all the grammar and spelling errors it had! Fixed now…haha

    To your point; I also found it interesting that they disclosed that it had isinglass…I’m not sure on what is legally required. It might of been a moral call…It certainly didn’t take away from how tasty it was though!

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  4. Spirit Tree has a Perry, but when we were out there yesterday they said they have sold out of the 2012 vintage.

    • I have a bottle of the Perry in my cellar…just waiting for the right day to review it. Since I wrote this article I’ve had about 10 Perrys. I’m really starting to get into them. When done right there is nothing like it! The Oliver’s Perry from Herefordshire and Snowdrift’s Perry form Oregon are just 2 examples of excellent Perry out there. This Perry is pretty darn good too!

  5. Just got a can or two of this and I’m relieved to see you gave it a good review. The other Pear ciders I’ve tried were William’s Sir perry, Magners, Spirit Tree and Okanagan Crisp Pear. Of them , the Spirit Tree is good and we really enjoyed the Okanagan but can’t get it here anymore. We initially liked the William’s but eh Magners I found too cloying and artificial.

    • Thanks Dale!

      I’ve had a few Perry since I wrote this article. Some better than others. This still stands out as a fine example! I’ve had the Spirit Tree Perry and remember it being tasty as well. There’s one bottle left in my cider cellar and I’m planning on reviewing it soon…

      Thanks for the comment & stay tuned!


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