Westons – Wyld Wood


Wyld Wood Cider

ABV 6.5% ABV

From the website: “This traditional premium cider, produced from fruit sourced in Herefordshire’s organic orchards, was re-branded Wyld Wood back in September 2011 to emphasise its organic and rural origin. Fully matured in old oak vats, Westons Wyld Wood cider has a truly appley, fresh and full-bodied taste with a ripe aroma – a true celebration of nature in a glass.

  • Appearance: Golden. Clear
  • Aroma: Cider Apple, Citrus
  • Taste: Cider Apple, Tart, Bitter, Smoke, Caramel

Background: Westons was founded in Herefordshire, England in 1878 by Henry Weston as a 166 acre apple farm. In 1880 it was decided to start making commercial cider to support the Weston family. Westons is a big cider producer that is in the middle of cider making Mecca. They have received accolades as being ‘the best of the commercial cider companies’.

First taste is:  Really good actually! It starts with upfront tannins, a gently sour middle and a  slight bitter after taste. There is a really nice consistent flavour of cider apples and smokey woody overtones. Right at the end I got very slight caramel which was really nice. Overall is balanced and tasty.

What’s in it? Apples and Sulphites. No other ingredients listed.

Overall: I was impressed with this cider from Westons. The other two ciders were good, but not exactly what I was looking for. Wyld Wood has a slightly woody/smokey thing going for it which was really nice. I’d say that it has some of the elements of my favourite ciders in there; good balance of tannins and acids, interesting complexity of wood/smoke, and cider apple taste. The only criticism is that I would of preferred that the flavours were a little more bold. At times I found that it was a little thin, but generally really good for a large commercial ciderhouse. I was happy with it!

Would I buy it again? Yes, so far I enjoyed this the best of the other Westons I’ve had; Old Rosie and Stowford Press.

Where to get it? This was picked up at the BC Liquor Store of all places…I know right!? A little pricey at $5.00 for 500ml. It was worth it though.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 

X- Factor: Westons is pretty much the extent of English Cider that you can get in BC. For a larger selection of cider I’ve heard Full Throttle Bottles in Seattle as a good spot to go, which is why I’m going there this weekend!

Full Disclosure: I’m putting this cider on deck as my go-to BC Liquor Store Cider.

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  1. Weston’s have recently tampered with this fine brew. Try the new watered down 6.0% version and see what you think – personally, I will find another cider once my 6.5% supply runs out. Any recommendations would be appreciated ; )

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the comment! I haven’t tried the 6.0% yet. To be honest, I hadn’t realized they had made this change. Perhaps it hasn’t landed in Canada yet.

      What part of the world are you in? I could make some recommendations on what’s local.



  2. Hi Alex, Thanks for the response – sorry, for my late reply.
    I am in the UK.
    I have been frantically testing various ciders, so as to find a replacement before my 6.5% Wyld Wood stockpile ran out, and believe I have struck gold in Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve Oak Matured Somerset Cider 2012. My local wholesale merchant is de-stocking Wyld Wood and has placed Sheppy’s in stock for me = result!

  3. “A little pricey at $5.00 for 500ml. ” not compared to Ireland it isn’t, its around 4.40 Euros here (about 6 dollars) and we’re next door in terms of transport! Bloody rip off! Anyways its all right , a bit too sweet though.

  4. Actually, the 6.0 is being sold in Canada. Picked up a couple bottles at Everything Wine in North Vancouver this morning to sample. As previously mentioned, it is rather thin. Dunkertons Dry is my favourite these days. More difficult to find though.

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