Westons – Stowford Press Export


Westons Stowford Press Export


From the website: “Despite being enjoyed worldwide, Stowford Press proudly maintains its Herefordshire roots. In fact, it is the coupling of the Westons Cider traditional approach with contemporary modern techniques that make Stowford Press so popular and recently described by Pete Brown as ‘the best of the mainstream ciders’ at the International Cider Challenge Awards, where it won a bronze medal.“

  • Appearance: Golden. Clear
  • Aroma: Cider Apple
  • Taste: Very Light Cider Apple, Hay

Background: Westons was founded in Herefordshire, England in 1878 by Henry Weston as a 166 acre apple farm. In 1880 it was decided to start making commercial cider to support the Weston family. Westons is a big cider producer that is in the middle of cider making Mecca. They have received accolades as being ‘the best of the commercial cider companies’. We will see…

Westons Sowford Press Export

First taste is: Pretty Good! I was actually a little surprised as it had much less flavour on the tongue as it did in the nose. It starts slightly bland and moves to a vaguely sour middle and quickly fading tannic finish. When you do taste the cider apples, tannins and acids, it is nice, but leaves far too quickly. You really have to stretch your taste buds to find it. I almost popped an eyeball trying to pick up the flavours. So be warned!

What’s in it? Apples and Sulphites. No other ingredients listed.

Westons Stowford Press Export

Overall: It’s a tasty cider that is easy to drink. It just doesn’t have a lot of character in comparison to some of the other ‘local’ options out there. At almost $5.00 a bottle it is also a little price prohibitive for sitting on the boat or out by the lake. That being said, it is much better than a Strongbow, Magners, Blackthorn, etc. and would be a good cider to try if you haven’t had Real Cider before.

Would I buy it again? Yeah, it’s enjoyable.

Where to get it? This was picked up at Legacy Liquor Store.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10 

X- Factor: I had this cider before at Bushwaker in Portland last summer for the first time. I remember really liking it, but also vaguely remember really liking the 6 different ciders I had before it!

Full Disclosure: I found a spelling error on on Westons website. I’m not the bestest speller by any means, but DESPITE being a big company you’d think they’d have spell check.

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