Summerland Heritage Cider Company


Summerland Heritage Cider Company

ABV 7.7%

From the website: “We really wish that our product list was longer, but to describe us as a “micro-cidery” would be generous.  Our cider apple crop was quite small in this, our first year of production.  The volume of these apples will increase in the coming years as new trees come into bearing.  This will allow us to offer you a variety of ciders in the future but for now we offer only our signature selection”

  • Appearance: Rich Golden Colour
  • Aroma: Cider Apple
  • Taste: Cider Apple umm…it’s suppose to right?

Background: Summerland Heritage Cider is 20 years in the making. ‘Tuesday’s Original’ started as a meet-up of 3 long-time friends, and apple farmers; Tom Kinvig, Bob Thompson and Ron Vollo to come out and taste Tom’s amateur ciders on Tuesdays each week. Eventually the meet-ups caught the attention of the other local farmers and it organically turned into a regular thing. At some point something clicked between the trio and Rob Thompson decided to head down to Washington State University’s Cider Making course lead by Cider-Ninja-Master Peter Mitchell. When he got back the three partners got serious about making a European inspired cider in the heart of the Okanagan. They haven’t looked back since.

First Taste is: This is what Real Cider is all about folks! An effervescent start to a rich and luscious cider apple flavour moves to a playful acidic middle and nice tannic finish. Its a subtle balance of sweet, sour and tart. This clean tasting, Off-Dry, English Styled Cider is a beautiful example of a BC Craft Cider Industry that is poised to explode.

What’s in it? Apples & Sulphites. Just the good stuff.

Overall: Amazing! I am honestly stunned at how good this cider is. It’s a great take-off on a classic English style cider. It is one of the most enjoyable ciders I have had this year. It’s shocking really considering that Summerland Heritage Cider is only in their first year of production. What is Peter Mitchell teaching down there in Mt. Vernon? I wanna know!

Summerland Heritage Cider Company

Would I buy it again? Hell Ya! This is a cider for cider lovers. Try this one today!

Where to get it? This was found at Kitsilano Wine Cellar.

Rating: 9 out of 10

X-factor: The presentation in Champagne style bottles is elegant and functional.

Full Disclosure: I actually asked my wife to go grab a few bottles tomorrow before it’s gone.   It’s really that good…And I might be that paranoid of running out.

6 responses to “Summerland Heritage Cider Company

  1. I heard many stories of “Uncle Tom’s Cider” and when I finally got to try it I was totally hooked! New name, same great taste! and yes I understand the fear of running out of a good product so grab a case!

  2. Thanks for your comment Glenda!

    Perhaps you can get me a ‘family discount’ on that case you spoke about? Just kidding!

    Great ‘Real Cider’ is hard to come by in these parts. So when you find one, you have to celebrate it. It sounds like you are in the know but, once you have a truly great cider you are hooked! If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the reviews I’ve done for Sea Cider and Merridale.

    I hope you stop by regularly.



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