Sea Cider – Flagship


Sea Cider Flagship

ABV 7.1%

From the website: Flagship is one of only a few commercial ciders in the world free of added sulphites. Slowly fermented with Champagne yeast, this German-style ultra dry still cider offers a nose of anise and cinnamon framed by soft tannins and lively acidity.”

  • Appearance: Dark Straw.
  • Aroma: Spicey
  • Taste: Crisp, Dry and Tart.

Background: Sea Cider is a Artisan Cidery based on the Saanich Peninsula on Vancouver Island. They do things the right way; slow fermentation, champagne yeasts, and local Apples. Sea Cider grows over 60 types of organic apples and sources the rest through a Lifecycles, a Victoria non-profit society that supports urban sustainability and local food production.

First Taste is: Wow this is good. Very light flavour profile, it’s subtle like a French Cider but much less sweet. First taste is slightly spicy with subdued tannins and a moderately dry and tart finish. It has a really clean taste. It’s one of those ones you keep drinking as you try to figure it out and before you know it, the bottle is bone dry as you contemplate the distance back to the liquor store and the quickest way to get there. Or now that I think about it; what time is the first ferry to Victoria?….

Sea Cider Flagship

What’s in it? 100% Apples and that’s it! What a treat to have a cider that highlights the apple flavour blending without added sulphites.

Overall: This a beautiful cider. It really highlights what makes Sea Cider such a great cidery; getting back to basics and keeping with tradition. To make something with such balance takes a long time and a lot of skill. This cider is executed with the excellence and precision of master craftsmen. There is a reason why it’s called Flagship. This is the type of cider that sets the benchmark for other excellent ciders. It’s no wonder that fellow Cider Blogger The West Cider is such a fan of the company.

Sea Cider Flagship

Would I buy it again? Ummmm….Did I mention that I’ve booked a spot on the first Ferry to Victoria? Yes.

Drinking Gorilla

Where to get it? This one was picked up at West Coast Liquor Store.

Rating: 9 Drinking Gorillas out of 10

X-factor – If you have never had cider without sulphites you really need to search this cider out. It will change the way you enjoy ciders.

Full Disclosure – Last year, I drove out to Sea Cider only to find out that they were closed. It wasn’t a planned visit and I ended up drinking the cider at the Laurel Point Inn‘s Bar. I loved it then as much as I love it now. I’m really looking forward to getting out to Sea Cider sometime soon.

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