Westons – Old Rosie


Westons - Old Rosie

ABV 7.3%

From the website: Mid golden and straw-like in colour, Old Rosie is a cloudy, medium-bodied fruity cider that has a wonderful aroma of wild berry-fruits, honey and vintage cider-barrels. With this classic ‘scrumpy cider’ aroma and additional complexity on the palate, Old Rosie captures the heart of Herefordshire, therefore underpinning the rural provenance of cloudy cider.

  • Appearance: Cloudy, Dull Straw.
  • Aroma: Freshly Pressed Cider Apples.
  • Taste: Tart, Sour, Slightly Dry.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium. Low Carbonation.

Background: Cloudy Scrumpy is made in a similar process as Hefeweizen. In German Hefe means Yeast and Weizen is Wheat. Like Hefeweizen Scrumpy has it’s yeast left in post fermentation. When agitated the yeast gets mixed up and creates a cloudy appearance.

First Taste is: Interesting! it has a really nice sour and tangy thing going. There isn’t obvious tannins and when you do notice, it quickly disappears and moves to a sour and tart finish with a grapefruit/citrus aftertaste. It’s not your typical Cider, it’s got it’s own style ~ one that I like!

Westons Old Rosie Scrumpy

What’s In It? Sulphites, Floaties (lees) you know I love them!

Overall: It’s a really interesting Cider. For a large Commercial Cidery it’s a little risky that Westons put out this scrumpy. It seems that while all the large guys are playing it safe, Westons is bucking the trend and putting out a great product that they like, not what the masses will want. It’s refreshing and ballsy!

Westons Old Rosie Scumpy

Would I buy it again? Yes. With the variety of Ciders out there it’s nice to have something so different.

Where to get it? I picked this one up at Legacy Liquor Store. It set me back $8.65 for a 500ml bottle.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10 

X-Factor – This Cider is named after Westons 1921 Steam Roller. Apparently it was a big deal back in it’s time as they didn’t decide to name any other Ciders after other farm equipment.

Full Disclosure – I did have this cider before at the Seattle Cider Summit, but couldn’t remember anything other than it being sour.

3 responses to “Westons – Old Rosie

  1. Here are two other reviews for Old Rosie:


    Those reviews lead me to believe that Westons isn’t exactly bucking any trends with Old Rosie. The funny name, cloudy appearance, and extra strength could be seen as attempts to ape the authenticity of true farmhouse scrumpy.

    Any idea who imports Westons into Canada? I know Shelton Brothers brings it to the US.

  2. You make an interesting point regarding the attempt to “ape the authenticity”. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

    I guess my point was; We are in such a silo when it comes to Cider here in Vancouver. On a micro level, without taking into consideration the overall international market, it is refreshing to see in a liquor store dominated by apple alcopops and ‘cider flavoured beverages’ something a little different, even if it’s not 100% authentic.

    Not too sure who reps the brand here in Canada. We have an archaic, liquor control system here where the government must be the master importer. It’s easier to import drugs than it is a decent cider!

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