Orchard Hill Estate Cidery – Red Roof


Orchard Hill Estate Cidery - Red Roof

ABV 7%

From the website: ”Red Roof is unlike any other apple cider you will encounter. You will find that Red Roof has a unique flavour and is hand made from real apples, not from concentrate. It has a bold start and a crisp, snappy finish! Okanagan Bubbly is a light semi-sweet, fruity Okanagan apple cider. The effervescent bubbles add delight to the experience and bring immediate refreshment. It has a soft and luscious start and a fresh finish!

  • Appearance: Pale Yellow Straw.
  • Aroma: Slight Sulfur.
  • Taste: Bright, Slightly Dry,
  • Mouthfeel: Slightly Watery

Background: Orchard Hill Estate Cidery, established in 2006 by the Dhaliwal family produces one type of cider with a blend of 5 different Apples; Red Delicious, Ambrosia, Gala and two others not listed. Located between Osoyoos & Oliver in the South Okanagan Valley of BC, this cidery is located in an area better known for wine, boating and great summer weather than cider. That being said, the Okanagan has long history of producing fruit going back to the 1890’s. Making cider is not a new thing to the area. Where there have been apples, there have been cider.

First Taste is: Bubbly and slightly dry. This cider is made in  a Champagne style. Very bright, effervescent, semi-sweet. There is good fruit flavour, but no obvious Apple taste. Very prominent winey start moves to a slightly acidic middle with a nice fruit juice finish.  It’s a stark contrast to the French Farmhouse Cider I recently had.

Red Roof - Orchard Hill Estate Cidery

What’s in it? No ingredients are listed other than “Contains Sulphites”, but is says on the front “100% Okanagan Valley Apples”. I detect a glucose after taste. If anyone knows the full ingredients, please email me. I’d have to guess that they ferment this dry then add glucose to sweeten after sulphites.

Overall: Not a bad example of a Champagne Style Cider. It definitely beats a Strongbow or Magners and it’s always nice to support local cider makers. That being said, this one is not quite my cup of tea. I would really like to try it on tap to see if it changes my mind.

Orchard Hill Cider

Would I buy it again?  I’m not sure. I think there so many great ciders already out there that this may not be interesting enough for me to search it out again.

Where to get it? This one was picked up at West Coast Liquor Store in Burnaby.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

X-Factor – Orchard Hill Estate Cidery grows a number of other fruit on their property. I wonder if their cider has naturally picked up any of the flavours from that.

Full Disclosure – I’ve been looking to pick up this cider for quite some time. I checked their website and found a retailer near my work, which didn’t have it at first.  I found it eventually. It was a little tricky though as the first one didn’t have a tamper seal on it and when it opened it was flat. The second one was much better.

One response to “Orchard Hill Estate Cidery – Red Roof

  1. Was on a recent visit to Penticton to visit relatives (I’m from NS) and picked up a 4-pack from their roadside stand outside Osoyoos. The colour, which was slightly pink for some reason I cannot imagine, was what attracted me.

    The owners are originally from India, I believe, and in chatting with them, they were surprised that Nova Scotia even grew apples! Their impression was that we lived under 7 feet of snow year round. Oh well. It was darn chilly there as dusk approached on Sept 29, much cooler than NS but it seemed a bit churlish to draw attention to that fact.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the cider later and rate it highly, better than Bulwark from around these NS parts to which you gave a decent rating.

    Having seen your photo of Orchard Hill cider, it definitely doesn’t look at all like what I purchased! Consistency thus may be one of their difficulties, along with a definite lack of knowledge of geography.

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