I love this city. I’m one of the few that was actually born and raised (for the most part) here my entire life. It’s consistently rated as one of the best cities to live in the World. There’s the Mountains, the Ocean, the Restaurants, blah blah blah. Let’s just say that the reason our housing is so expensive (avg. house costs 900K +) isn’t because it sucks.

There is one thing that this City lacks big time and it is a Cider Pub. I mean, how can you call yourself a world-class City and not have a Cider Pub? Or for that matter a Liquor Store that has more than 15 kinds of Cider? 14 kinds of Okanagan Cider & Growers don’t count… If you are a Real Cider lover you will find yourself going for an hour drive from one side of the City to the other just to find one you haven’t tried yet. Imagine if there was one place that carried all the local Ciders plus countless (literally, I tried and stopped) from around the Globe. Well, this magical place exists in Portland. It’s called Bushwacker Cider Pub.

Bushwhacker Cider logoBushwacker Cooler

At Bushwacker  they highlight their own Cider skills on tap and share the pipes with others from all over the North West. Not only that, but the fine folks over at Bushwacker also had the foresight to build massive coolers that are overflowing with Ciders from England, Canada, France, Spain, and all over America. The prices are surprisingly fair…you can get a great cider like Gold Rush for about $5.00 if memory serves me correct.

Now our neighbors are getting one in Seattle. Yes, Capitol Hill Cider Bar is coming to Seattle Mid-March, 2013.

Capitol Hill Cider

” Two friends, Spencer Reilly and Jordan Sinclair, are behind the project. Cider will flow from 20-ish taps; plans call for more than 100 varieties of cider and at least 70 meads, a wine made with honey. Reilly also promises beer (including plenty of sours), apple wine and brandy, and traditional wine and spirits.”

Why don’t we have places like these here? I mean, a decent Cider Liquor Store would be great to start. But let’s reach for the stars people…I for one plan on checking out Capitol Hill Cider Bar as soon as it opens and then writing a formal letter to Tourism Vancouver as soon as I get back.

Chant it with me…CI-DER PUB! CI-DER PUB!, CI-DER PUB!…

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  1. I didn’t know about Upcider. That’s a great call out – thank you! Unfortunately we are way behind other West Coast cities when it comes to Real Cider. I’ve been on the hunt to find a pub in the Vancouver area that has more than 1 cider on tap (even if it’s Strongbow or Somersby). I’ve found ONE that has 2 on tap, Strongbow and Somersby….that tells you where we are at with cider culture.

  2. Great blog, which I just stumbled upon. More power to your elbow !
    I know Vancouver a little bit. I totally agree that a proper cider pub would massively increase the uptake and understanding of our wonderful drink. But 70 types of mead ? Really ? Does anyone on earth actually drink mead to that extent ?
    I’m also interested in the cider on tap thing. Are these going to be real ciders (of the type that you so admirably promote here) or bland keg ciders (like Strongbow and Somersby). If the latter, then is that a good thing after all ?
    This may be my Britishness coming out. We have this rather dreary attitude that as long as you can find one really well-kept beer in a pub, then you’ll happily drink that all evening. Same thing (but to a lesser extent, I’ll admit) with ciders. Choice isn’t everything. Trouble is, every pub here sells Strongbow, Bulmers and Magners, but proper cider can be hard to find outside of the westcountry. Maybe we need a few more cider pubs too…
    Keep up the good work.

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