Savanna Dry Premium Cider

I’m always on the hunt for a cider that I haven’t tried yet.  The options for readily available ciders are far and few between in the Big Smoke that is Vancouver. Enter Savanna Dry Premium Cider. It hits a couple of criteria for my need to try;

1) It’s a cider.

2)I haven’t tried it.

That’s enough for me to drop $21.95 on a 6 pack.


Savanna premium Dry Cider

ABV: 6%

From the website:Savanna Dry is a clear 100% apple cider packaged in a see-through bottle. Our apples are yummy and all-natural, but they’re even better when crushed, fermented and packaged in a Savanna bottle.

  • Appearance: Dark Straw Colour.
  • Aroma: Fruity nose. Smells Dry.
  • Taste: Crisp, Sugary Sweet, and very bubbly.
  • Mouthfeel: Nice, reminds me of Prosecco.

True to its slogan, “Dry, but you can drink it”. YES! It’s a drinkable cider!  I can’t help but think when I drink it that it reminds me of an African Strongbow. Very quaffable, light and easy drinking Cider.

First taste is bubbly, dry, earthy, and very sweet. The more I drink this cider the more it tastes like a bubbly apple jolly rancher. The bubbles hit you strong like a Prosecco and there is a noticeable nice Cider flavour. There is a crisp granny smith apple flavour with a strong glucose finish. NOTE: There IS a definite glucose taste. I looked on the bottle for ingredients, but says nothing only; SULPHITES.

Savanna Dry Premium Cider Ingredients

Upon further review I find the ingredients as follows: Apple Cider, Glucose Syrup, Apple Juice Concentrate, Flavourings, Carbon Dioxide, Color and Antioxidants.

Ah HA! that makes more sense….

Overall I’d like to give the folks at Savanna a pat on the back. They have an easy drinking, crisp, semi-dry cider. It’s not easy trying to win people over to the Cider market so I understand the business decision to make something that will appease the masses.

Savanna Dry Premium Cider

If you’re looking to quaff a few back while kicking it on the boat on a sunny day. Or you have a few guest coming over for a BBQ and you really want to throw them for a loop? Then I would definitely recommend that you pick up a 6-pack of these puppies and throw a lemon in the neck of the bottle as recommended on the website.

Would I buy it again? No, probably not. I prefer my cider to have 100% apple juice in it without additives like Sulphites. That being said, I had a cider from Africa…which is pretty cool!

Drinking Gorilla

Where to get it? Savanna Premium Dry Cider was purchased at Legacy Liquor Store. $21.95/6 pack.

Rating: 5 Drinking Gorillas out of 10

X-Factor – For a cider that I was luke warm about I had 3 of them back to back. I guess that’s a compliment to it’s drinkability!

Full Disclosure – I didn’t drink it in a bottle with a lemon as suggested on its website. I like to keep my fruit in salads or on the label of my underoos.

14 responses to “Savanna Dry Premium Cider

  1. Here in SA we have Savanna Light, Savanna Dark, Hunters Dry, Hunters Export, Hunters Gold and Hunters Extreme. Many options depending on your taste.

    • Hi Graham,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m quickly starting to see that there is a strong cider drinking community in South Africa. It’s great to hear about! I’m interested in that Savanna Dark….I’ll have to look that one up. Sounds interesting.



  2. Is Savannah available in the States again??? hey claimed shipping stopped them from coming in about 3 years ago

    • Thanks for the comment Charlie.

      I try and find the good in every cider. I probably wouldn’t search this one out again, but it was nice to try something apart from the Cider-centric Countries; England, France, Spain, etc.



  3. Glucose syrup is added for the North American market. Savanah Dry is not at all sweet in South Africa. In fact, it has a really yummy sourness to it. I drink this because it isn’t sweet!

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