Growers Cider – 1927


Growers Cider 1927

ABV 5.5%

From the website: “A return to our small batch, hand crafted process from 1927, the year Growers Cider Cider Co. was founded in Saanich, BC. This Dry Premium Cider is naturally fermented with a refreshing crisp fruit taste.

  • Appearance: Light Straw
  • Aroma: Bright with Green Apple and Peaches
  • Taste: Grape, Peaches

Background: I guess if you are going to review ciders in Canada you have to talk about the 10 000 lb elephant in the room. And after some serious thought, I decided to review what Growers is advertising as a “traditional” cider or in their words, “A return to our small batch, hand crafted process from 1927″. Growers Cider Co was started in 1927 in Saanich on Vancouver Island and is “Canada’s # 1 Cider Company”.

Growers Cider 1927

First Taste is: It has a green apple Jolly Rancher taste. True to the website it does have a crisp fruit flavour, but unfortunately it’s an artificial fruit flavour. What I did pick up was Peach, Green Apple and Welch’s White Grape Juice. There is also a strong bitter after-taste that was unbalanced and unnecessary.

What’s in it? Water, cider, glucose-fructose, apple concentrate, natural flavours, citric acid, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, caramel, sulphites. I almost got a hand cramp typing all that out…Strange that a ‘cider’ has water with it’s first ingredient right?

Overall: I understand the intention of ‘Growers 1927’. The marketing of it is great, but unfortunately the product doesn’t deliver. I was really hoping to find something interesting here. Something more traditional, with less ingredients and more of a focus on the Growers Ciders of yesteryear, in other words a Real Cider. This is not a Real Cider.

Would I buy it again? No.

Where to get it? This was found at West Coast Liquor Store.

Drinking Gorilla

Rating: 3 Drinking Gorillas out of 10

X-factor: Every time I go into a liquor store to look at their cider section I’m greeted by an entire cooler of Growers. It is part of the reason that I started this blog. Hopefully people who read this will know they are not alone on their search for good cider.

Full Disclosure: I feel a little guilty about writing this review about Growers.  I tried to give it a leg up by searching out the 1927 Cider. Growers is a ‘local’ company and I’m a big believer in backing companies that support the local economy on both sides of the border. However, It just wasn’t good.

3 responses to “Growers Cider – 1927

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  2. Back when the only two ciders available at the LCBO in Ontario were Growers and Strongbow, I used to drink the Growers. It came in a bottle similar to beer so I could drink with my friends without restoring to coolers. The downside, it packed a whallop. 7% ouch.

    I agree totally with your assessment. When i saw the 1927, I was excited to see Growers again. That excitement vanished, however, after the first sip. I wanted it to be good too.

  3. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to hear that you and I had a similar experience. As far as the ABV – I don’t mind the 7%…*grin*..But, what I do mind is Growers attempt to try and ape the Real Cider movement.

    I wish they were a little more forthcoming in saying, “Hey this isn’t traditional cider, but it’s the best we can do and hope you enjoy it”. Instead of marketing it in such a misleading way. There’s nothing ‘small batch’ or ‘hand crafted’ about this cider.

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