Merridale Scrumpy Cider


Merridale Scrumpy Cider

ABV 11%

From the website: ”Winner of Gold & Silver North American Brewers Awards in Idaho Springs. If you’re a Scotch drinker, try this one. Scrumpy is strong and sharp, and rich in the flavours of our strongest cider apples. Once you acquire a taste for Scrumpy, nothing else will do! In old England, scrumpy was a cider made by farm workers who stole or ‘scrumped’ apples from the orchard. ”

  • Appearance: Clear, Rich Copper Colour
  • Aroma: Slightly Sour
  • Taste: Dry, Sour, Slight smoke

Background: Merridale is an Estate Cidery based out of Cobill Hill on Vancouver Island, BC. They rock! And are doing things the right way. See my previous review for further information.

Merridale Scrumpy Cider

First Taste is: Good! Strong Cider Apple start moves to Sour middle at the back of the throat with a dry finish. It’s not so much balance as a battle to figure out what you taste first. It sounds confusing, but is actually really pleasant. It’s like a teeter totter of flavours in your mouth bouncing from front to back and back to front. There is a noticible tannin flavour, but it’s quite nice. At 11% you think there would be an aggressive alcohol taste, but it just isn’t there. She’s smooth.

Merridale Scrumpy Cider Ingredients

What’s in it? “Made with BC Apples and yeast. May contain sulphites.” Folks, this is how it’s done. Nothing weird here. If you have been reading my reviews you definitely notice a trend. As little ingredients as possible equals a good review. It’s simple; Small, local, fresh = Good. Big, far, fake = Bad. Stop to notice nextime, you can really taste the difference.

Merridale Scrumpy Cider Drink

Overall: Dry, sour and fully flavoured. It really reminds me of a Spanish Cider I had the at the Cider Summit in Seattle last September, Sarasola Cidra. This Cider is quite a bit darker and clearer, and it’s not as rustic as Sarasola Cidra.  True to what Merridale says, “If you are a Scotch drinker, try this one.” I am a Scotch drinker and a Cider drinker. And this is great!

Rating: 7.5  Drinking Gorillas out of 10

Drinking Gorilla

X-Factor – It’s more like xxx factor as my love for Merridale grows like a High School crush.

Full Disclosure – I haven’t had this Cider before and really enjoyed it. I don’t think that I could have more than 2 in a row though.

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