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What a Beaut' of a Label!

What a Beaut’ of a Label!


From the website:handcrafted & artisanal, Left Field Cider Co. premium ciders are made in small batches that highlight the natural characteristics of the apple. our full juice ciders are made by blending bittersweet english and french cider varieties with crisp british columbia dessert apples. the result is a beautifully balanced cider with the right amount of subtle tannins and rich apple aromatics.

  • Appearance: Light Blonde.
  • Aroma: Not too much nose.
  • Taste: Naturally sweet, yet a ‘little’ dry. (see that? pretty tricky hey?)

Background: Launched last year at the Penticton Fest-Of-Ale, Left Field Cider Co. is owned and run by two sisters passionate about all things Cider. Kate and Theresa are not merely a couple of girls out to make a quick buck on the growing Cider market. These women are serious about Cider and have paid their dues. Kate spent 2010 in England appreciating with Cider maker’s in Herefordshire. Yes, that Herefordshire, the one famous for British SAS Commandos and arguably the best Cider in the World. Meanwhile back in Canada, Theresa and her father Gord were enrolling at University of Washington’s Cider Making Course run by renowned Cider Guru Peter Mitchell. In Spring 2012 Left Field Cider Co. released their first Ciders (Big Dry & Little Dry) and have been making waves in the #RealCider movement ever since.


First taste is: She’s a gooder’! I’m always shocked how good microcideries are here in the North West. Anyone who has ever tried making 5 gallons or more of cider knows how hard it is to make not only a palatable Cider, but something that is truly enjoyable. Little Dry reminds me of some of the Ciders I had when I visited the 2 Towns Cider booth at the  Bite of Oregon last Summer. It’s a really nice, enjoyable cider that is perfect for almost any occasion. There’s definitely similarities  with these new Cideries.

Little Dry is effervescent, the bubbles tickle your nose as you take your first sip. A distinctly luscious blend of dessert apples and more traditional Cider apples from England and France meet you with every sip. The taste of Cider Apples are not overbearing like I’ve tasted in some Ciders. It’s a nice mix of tannins and sweetness. One doesn’t overpower the other as you can find in other blends.

Little Dry is a really good cider. It would be no problem for me to slam a few of these back, which might be a little dangerous for inexperienced drinkers as the ABV is 6.5%. Luckily that is not the case for me.

Looking Good! Nothing freaky listed...

Looking Good! Nothing freaky listed…

What’s in it? Apples and Sulphites. Pretty basic ingredients right? I would suspect that they force carbonate the cider as I don’t  see any floaties that I love so much. By force carbonating a cider you have more control over the carbonation level and you are able to produce a product that doesn’t have lees (floaties) in it.

Looking Good!

Looking Good!

Overall: It’s a really enjoyable Cider. I wish when I was getting into craft Cider a few years ago that I went from Strongbow to something like Little Dry by Left Field Cider Co.  It would have saved me a lot of money on drinking Beer thinking there wasn’t something else out there that I would enjoy. If you are just getting into drinking Cider and are looking for something easy to drink this is the Cider for you!

Would I buy it again? Yes, most definitely. And I’m not alone in that thinking as right now Left Field Cider is out-of-stock at many of the retailers. I’m really looking forward to the 2013 release as I have high expectations from Mamette Lake. You know, the people “from outta nowhere”.

Where to get it? This was picked up at Legacy Liquor Store. $8.95 for a 500ml bottle.

Drinking Gorilla

Rating: 8 Drinking Gorillas out of 10 

X- Factor: These ladies have been trained by the S.A.S. of Cider makers. Drink with caution and be polite when discussing their Cider with them or you may never be seen again…if you want to do some reconn check out their blog or their website

Full Disclosure: I have had both the Big Dry and Little Dry before and enjoyed them as much then as I did this time around as well.

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